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Our e-Reader 'feels like reading gamified' whilst our space for live conversations brings a whole new layer to bookclub discussions. Take your friends closer to your favourite thoughts and stories.

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Link up with the same reliable book lovers or find new people who enjoy your favourite genres.

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Take your conversations further as you gather your whole club for the mmms and ahhs as you hear different perspectives

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Not all discussions need to be public, talk amongst your closest friends #youcantsitwithus

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For those books we get absolutely lost in that keep us up at night

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Talk through the night with your favourite creators, authors, friends and more. Relive the stories over and over again via Peeks

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We're all about choice! If your club is top quality then feel free to charge your worth! But no pressure, we all love a free community

Don't take our word for it.

Ali Abdaal
Youtuber, +100m Lifetime views

Peek sounds like the best thing ever. It'll finally give me a way to let my audience join me on my reading journey.

Vee Kativhu
Youtuber, UN Ambassador + more

My little book worm self needed Peek when I was growing up!!

Masamba Senghore
VC @ MMC Ventures

I've been looking for an app that allows me to read together with my friends. Social reading is up next 🚀

David Nandwa
Founder @ HoneyCoin

This is so cool! 🔥
Also - when is Peek's merch store live 👀

Jeansy Molanza
Founder @ Tutorpass

Another win for the creator economy 👏🔥

Freddy Carthy
Engineer @ Twitter

Whoa!! This is awesome! I *need* to check this out. Thanks!


Does anyone have an invite for
Peek! I have a few books I wanna discuss (African literature... and a few books by Francophone authors...)

Peek Beta User

I feel way more motivated to finish the stories I’m starting, since I’m reading with others

Ayotunde Rufai
Founder @ Jendaya

This feels like reading gamified! I love seeing where my friends are in the books we read and hearing their emotions whilst they read!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get paid as a book club owner?

As a paid book club owner Peek pay you directly to your bank account once you've got paying subscribers. All subscriptions made on Peek are made through the Google & Apple app stores so you won't have to onboard any financial details either!


How do I get my books on the platform?

For all submissions please send an email to agency@joinpeek.io


How much does it cost to be on Peek?

It's FREE! All you need is air in your lungs, a strong wifi signal and a heart for reading books


How do I get access to Peek right now?

We're currently operating on an invite-only fashion so we can get all the kinks ironed out for our public release but please feel free to follow us on our social media pages for updates!


What do I do if my question hasn't been asked?

If we haven't answered your question please email our founder directly, she's always willing to talk - debs@joinpeek.io


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