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Stories are 22 times more likely to be remembered than a fact!

A good story can transcend time, language, and culture to create authentic, intimate and long lasting connections. It can humanize the storyteller, bring people closer, and create ingrained memories. The benefits are endless:

Stay motivated reading with others
Explore intimate or public reading spaces
Explore new books
Expand your vocabulary
Explore new cultures
Improve your brain connectivity

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"I've been searching for a warm & cozy space to share my thoughts on my favourite stories with others. Also helps that IĀ can always go back and listen to peoples thoughts. Crazy thatĀ I can also get paid to do this?!ā€

The Creator Economy is set to reach $15B by 2020. Peek enters the market as the first option for book lovers to learn, share & earn!

Masamba Senghore, VC, Book Lover, All round nice guy

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid as a book club owner?

As a paid book club owner Peek pay you directly to your bank account once you've got paying subscribers. All subscriptions made on Peek are made through the Google & Apple app stores
so you won't have to onboard any financial details either!


How do IĀ get my books on the platform?

For all submissions please send an email to


How much does it cost to be on Peek?

It's FREE! All you need is air in your lungs, a strong wifi signal and a heart for reading books


How do IĀ get access to Peek right now?

We're currently operating on an invite-only fashion so we can get all the kinks ironed out for our public release but please feel free to follow us on our social media pages for updates!


What do IĀ do if my question hasn't been asked?

If we haven't answered your question please email our founder directly, she's always willing to talk -